Poker Timer Deluxe

The best Poker Timer ever made? You bet!

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iPhone & iPad

Poker Timer Deluxe Poker Timer iTunes

Stunning themes, sweet animations, custom blind structures, and so much more... The best Poker Timer ever made? You bet!

Poker Clock

Poker Timer Deluxe displays round time, level, and blind values. Beautifully.

Stunning Themes

Discover six timer themes, with subtle animations and great sound design.

Blind Structures

Create and manage your blind structures, with predictive completion.

iCloud Sync

Access your custom blind structures on all your "iDevices". Automatically.

“ With this timer app on the table, I'd be glad to beat Le Chiffre again... Oh, wait. ”
James B.
“ Last year, I played poker with Zack Snyder.. I cheated with the clock. Now.. I'm Batman! ”
Ben A.
“ Brad totally agrees with me: this app has to be Ocean's 14 leading actor ”
George C.
Poker Timer iTunes
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